Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blogger's Quilt Festival - ROYGBIV

To finish this quilt was on my FAL list for a while. It is my only goal for Q3.
To be honest I was afraid to put the binding on as I feared I'll ruin it. So I have admired the quilting made by my friend Monika until Blogger's Quilt Festival gave me the last push.

ROYGBIV has always been my fav category since I'm sucker for rainbow projects.

My quilt is modified version of Jaybird Quilts pattern Mini Disco. You can read about the making here.

Firstly it was regular size quilt orientated differently but it turned into piece of art so wall hanging it is now. Monika's quilting took it a level up.

She asked me what my fav color is and made the back in it. The texture is fabulous.

No time to look for extra photo shoot spot so the corn field and our fences will do the job. It looks weird with the light coming through but I like it anyway.

I have to admit I have no mixed feeling with this one. I just love it! The perfectly mixed colors and amazing quilting. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at it. I might be puking rainbows forever.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Scrappy pouches

I finally finished these pouches. You could see the panels here.

My fav part is the color thread and no seam at the bottom.

The back side is just plain decorated with the thread.

The second pouch is just quilted in different direction. Not so densely.

With scraps on both sides.

Simple but pretty cute :)

Last pic with the one I previously made out of these scraps.

Plus I took a pics of the jewellery I made while ago. So Laura does it still look like garden hose? :-D

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Mix

Not much sewing going on here but I would like to take a part in #mmrcushionpalooza but we'll see if I can put my act together. You can read all about it here. Here is little sketch how I would like to quilt this plus piece but is it modern enough?
I aslo owe you the winner of Neglected giveaway. Comment No.4 is by @LittlePenguinQuilts
Congrats Diann!

Lately I have been making some jewellery. Few years back I was making many and I still have quite a stash so it's time to use those too.

These look like black but some pieces are sort of clear + black.

This weekend I finished this clear/silver piece. Both of them are one giant loop which is folded few times around to create the lenght I desire.

My girl turned 10 this Friday and she asked for pink cake. I haven't made any in long time but it ended up pretty well and it was very tasty too :)

And we had special visit from the dark side ...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

PP - Otis the Owl

I don't do PP much often. It is technique I like to use for challenging myself. I felt I needed a little challenge last week and I picked pattern which I saved to my computer 4 years ago.

So there is a hope for all those saved patterns. One day maybe I'll make them! You can find this one here. To be honest I don't get the numbers marked on it and I had a little problem at the bottom.

There is a tiny piece missing in the pattern but it's an easy fix even for not so experienced PP like me.

The thing I don't like much about PP is that you create a lot of scraps. Unfortunately I don't see use for that pile of scraps at all.

What are my plans for this block? Well I talked about some library tote. This block is perfect for it and I actually saved it for that reason. It just took a bit of time to make it.

Note; My little giveaway is still on if you are interested in.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Scraps follow up

On Friday I have quiled the smaller piece and last night during #saturdaynightcraftalong I quilted the other two.

It doesn't look so girlie with the grey.

Unfortunately the quilting is not visible from distance shot.

Only on this one with red thread.

That's how it look on the back. Yes, I only use cotton batting to quilt the panels. I add lining in the same size and leave the turning gap on the side. All seams are hidden.

I like to use longer zipper and tuck the end to the side to create a loop.

The back is plain grey. So that's one down and two to go.

Plus these squares. I'm not sure if I just piece them together or make hexies out of them.
These scraps are from the box of frivols from moda fabrics. My friend Monika gave them to me once she finished hers. She said in some frivols boxes there are hardly any scraps but in this case there were plenty to use.

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