Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sewing table

I recently bought wide table for my sewing machine. The reason was my machine has a strange shape which was hard to copy and make as drop down into table. This wide table has changed the shape which suited my needs.

That's how the process started. Handy husband is definitely necessary for this type of upgrade.

White shelf was added to match the drawers.

We have also added one more leg for extra support.

Here is peak from below.

It fits wonderfully. We only forgot about the power button on the side :)

But it was an easy fix.

Looking good to me :) and there is FMQ challenge starting this Monday! Coincidence?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

OMG - 02

It took me a while to figure out what my goal for this month will be. But I got it!

I'm going to use these fancy zippers. I bought them few years back. I checked IG for ideas and found one page that has 2 tutorials suitable. One is called Boxy Lace Zipper Pouch and the other Pretty Lace Zip Pencil Pouch. I tried neither one so that's my OMG goal for this month. Yay! Excited :)

Yeah, first step is matching zippers with fabrics. As per usual :)
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OMG - 01 finished

On the very last day I have completed my OMG goal.

My goal was to try out this tut called Prairie Point Pouch Tutorial. I have adjusted the size to zippers I had on hand. I have also tried larger points on one of those pouches. I found scrap of that fabric and wanted to use it all.

See the back side. You don't need large piece of accent fabric that's why I still have some left even though I  made my accent stripes wider.

I haven't tried this type of zipper assembly before.

Looks good on the end. No bulk.

I must practise some more on the front side. I have a small gap on two of those but still looking fine.

I have put those pouches on my FAL Q1 list as well, so that's 2/6 completed.
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tutorial: paper tin cover

For making paper tin cover you will obviously need some paper tins. My tins come mostly from alternative coffee products, granulated tea for kids or müsli.

For creating post stamp blocks I have used this tutorial. It's easy technique which I previously used on few projects.

To determine the size of your block measure your tin and add a little bit to each side. I mostly add approximately 0.5" but in this case it depends on the size of your squares used to make the block.

Since there is already interfacing in these blocks I do not add any batting. If you will use batting make it the size of your tin without the folding addition.

Here you can see the top with exceeded fabric folded over and top stitched. The bottom looks the same. Once you have your block top stitched at the top and bottom you wrap it around your tin and pin to determine where to sew together.

And that's it. Turn it around and slide on your tin.

It's fairly easy. I did not use exact measurements in this tutorial since all tins are different. I hope you find it useful and try it yourself.

If you would like to hang your tin on rod just like I do add piece of ribbon and button for that purpose. The ribbon is added prior sewing the whole piece together.

You can also use any other type of block or just plain fabric. Just add piece of batting or make it as QAYG. Dress it up to suit your needs. Here are some examples.

I do get asked what do I put inside. Well here is peak. Not all my tins are fully loaded since I finished them just yesterday :)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Q1 - paper tin covers

I have finished all eight paper tin covers. Yay! My first finish out of my FAL list.

Why did I choose such fabric combination? To match my board :)

As for the board, I have used post stamp blocks. See the tutorial here. It's great technique and you get such pretty points.

I always like the middle stage when the squares become rectangles.

The not so fun part is ironing those seams open.

The result is well worth it. Those tins fits perfectly on my rod.

Sorry no daylight available :) Are you curious how I hang them?

Piece of ribbon and button do the trick. These covers are pretty easy to make. I took few pictures during the process so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in tutorial?

***added tutorial here

Current stage of my sewing space. Almost there :)
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